Reversing the Signs of Facial Aging by Increasing Skin Collagen Production

Aging skin undergoes several changes resulting in wrinkles and sagging:
? Thinner skin (loss of collagen)

? Less elastic skin (loss of elastin)

? Drier skin (loss of hyaluronic acid)

Facial rejuvenation treatments can be classified in three categories:
1. Resurfacing Options

? Chemical peels

? Microdermabrasion

? Laser resurfacing such as Fraxel, Clear+Brilliant

2. Injectables

? Wrinkle Relaxers such as Botox & Dysport

? Traditional fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm

? Collagen stimulators such as Sculptra Aesthetic

3. Surgery

? Liposuction

? Facelift

? Fat transfer

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