Q: Why Volumize the Face?

A: A key cause of the aging face is the loss the fullness in the cheeks, temples, lips, mouth and area under the eyes which creates a hollow effect and shadows. By replacing the volume loss with dermal fillers, you eliminate the shadows and restore the reflection of light and the appearance of youth.

Q: How does volumizing the face with dermal fillers compare to a facelift?

A: Dermal fillers lift the skin and because the results can be so dramatic, comprehensive treatments have been given names like Liquid Facelift, Lunch time Facelift. A surgical facelift removes the excess skin but does not restore the volume. Re-volumizing the face has three distinct advantages: 1) the look is more natural, 2) there is less downtime because it is non-surgical and 3) the result is ultimately reversible should someone decide to look his/her age!

Q: Are all dermal fillers the same?

A: There are differences. All injectable fillers will fill a line, a crease or an area; however, not every dermal filler is right for every type of wrinkle. The most popular dermal fillers — Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm and Voluma are very similar in composition but differ in which area of the face they treat best. Sculptra is a collagen stimulator which gradually helps bring back lost collagen and volume — its results are less immediate, but the results last for 2 years.

Q: What areas of the face do you treat?

A: All areas of the face can be treated — forehead lines, crow’s feet, droopy brows, hollow eyes, marionette lines, wrinkled, sagging lips, sunken cheeks, hollow jawline. Patients can always tell us what they most want to improve and we use our years of training and experience to develop the best plan to meet their goals. There is new technology that will show patients what they will look like after volume has been added back to their face and they are happy to see that they will look like themselves, only younger! We also have the Visia technology that measures your skin’s wrinkles, brown spots and red areas so patients can clearly see and measure how well treatments and medical-grade skin care products are working for them.

Q: Who is a good candidate for these procedures and how can they get more information?

A: At Anne Therese Aesthetic Medicine we always offer free consultations. Daytime Columbus viewers have an opportunity to join our grand opening celebration of our newest location near Polaris this Thursday evening from 4-8. We will have staff and industry representatives available to answers your questions and we are offering 20% off products and services Thursday night!