The Aging Face – Part 1 – Descent

Facial aging is a complex biological process that arises from two basic processes:
intrinsic aging (internal processes that result in a decrease in collagen, loss of volume, reduced skin elasticity, gradual bone resorption) and
extrinsic aging (external processes such as chronic sun exposure, pollution, chemicals, toxins)
A simple way to look at the aging process is to consider aging as occurring on the 3 levels

Descent – Sagging of the facial tissues.
Deflation – Loss of facial volume.
Deterioration – Changes in the texture and color of facial skin.

This week we will focus on the first “D” – the descent or sagging of the facial tissues. — fat, muscle, and bone

A study by physicians at the University of Rochester Medical Center indicates that significant changes in facial bones – particularly the jaw bone – occur as people age and contribute to an aging appearance. The found the eye sockets became wider and longer. The distance between the most prominent part of the brow to the top of the nose decreased, while the cheekbones stuck out less and the opening of the nose bones receded. Meanwhile, the lower jaw shrunk in both length and height. As jaw volume decreases, soft tissue of the lower face has less support, resulting in a softer, oval appearance to the lower face and sagging skin, which also affects the aging appearance of the neck.

A youthful look depends on having the right amount of facial fat in the right places. Redistribution, accumulation, and atrophy of fat lead to facial volume loss.

• Some areas lose fat — forehead and cheeks

• Other areas gain fat — the mouth and jaw.

• The areas of fat tend to become farther apart. Instead of a smooth, almost continuous layer, the fat pads appear as separate structures.

There are a number of ways to slow the progression of jowls depending on the stage of extent of drooping:

Tighten the tissue and encourage collagen production with a Laser Neck Lift.
Revolumize the area around the cheeks and eyes that in turn lift the lower face.