Where has The Beauty Coach M.D. travelled in the past 6 months?

The Beauty Coach MD has been quite busy with 1) corporate visits; 2) business conferences; 3) home parties; 4) charitable events and 5) community visits.

Tell me about the corporate visits and what you offer to corporations.

We have regular schedules every week at corporations all around central Ohio. Some corporations can support weekly visits and others monthly visits.
Patients are often thrilled to learn how many no downtime, quick procedures can result in significant changes. It’s also no secret that the better one looks, the better one feels, and the better one performs! Confidence, social ease and overall well-being are all impacted by appearance. Our staff is able to meet the needs of patients who wish to assess and improve their skin through quick, medically-proven, low-downtime procedures without having to leave their corporate campus.

Is it the same for business conferences?

Yes, we have provided Beauty Coach services at business conferences held in Columbus as well as for current corporate clients who want to treat a group of their out-of-town executives traveling to Columbus for a corporate gathering. The services provided are the same.

Tell me about the home parties.

The Beauty Coach M.D. is the new girls’ night in. We can drive up to a home, and deliver excellent medical care while allowing our patients to gather their friends together for a special night of services. You might be surprised how many women will gather together 10 friends for Botox or dermal fillers because we reward the hostess with free services that night!

Have you done many charitable or community events?

Visits to middle schools and high schools are not uncommon to educate kids about everything from sunblock to acne treatments. With more young adults using tanning beds, we are seeing an alarming increase in melanoma rates in people ages 11-19. We are hoping to create awareness of the dangers of excessive sun and tanning beds and change that skin cancer trend.

We’ve had so many requests from charitable events that a schedule for 2013 is nearly full.