Your hands are almost always exposed to the sun’s harmful rays. As you age, the loss of collagen and skin elasticity shows up first in your hands along with hyperpigmentation — often called “age spots!”

Fortunately, Dr. Anne has a few treatments that will turn back the “hands of time.” Pun intended!

Q: What can be done about this?

A: There are solutions — dermal fillers cane be used to plump the skin and diminish the telltale veins and tendons. Injecting a long lasting dermal filler is a quick, safe procedure that is virtually painless and generally takes about an hour to treat both hands. Most people find that they can return to work following this procedure.

Q: How long will the dermal fillers last in the hands?

A: Dermal fillers typically last at least 18 months or longer. Consistent use of dermal fillers can lengthen the results.

Q: Can dermal fillers even out the arthritic nodules on fingers?

A: No, dermal fillers will effectively treat the loss of volume on the back of the hands, but it cannot be used to address arthritic nodules on the fingers. By restoring the volume in the back of the hands, the overall look is more balanced even if the individual fingers are not treated.

Q: What can be done about the hyper pigmentation — the age spots — on the back of the hands?

A: There are a variety of ways to treat hyperpigmentation — laser, intense pulse light, chemical peel, and even medical-grade skin care products. Regardless of which treatment is used, it is important to use skin screen on your hands daily. Keep skin screen with you to re-apply after washing your hands. Frequent use of hand cream to keep your skin hydrated is also helpful.

Q: How can I determine which treatment is best for me?

A: If you are bothered by the loss of volume or hyperpigmentation on the back of your hands, please make an appointment to have the all the options reviewed and to determine which is best for your condition and lifestyle. We offer free consultations so no one has to try to figure out the best treatment on their own.